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We deliver shared and dedicated, synchronous, high speed, low latency bandwidth for rural residents and businesses!


Ever since the information revolution began, rural and semi-rural businesses have struggled to keep up with their competition while paying much more for less access to information services. Often such businesses have to pay up to $750 for just 1.5 MB of dedicated bandwidth over T1. Dedicated fiber is usually too expensive to build. Other solutions such as satellite, DSL (if actually available), and wireless carriers are generally slower, less reliable, sensitive to weather and frequency congestion, and are often higher in latency and packet loss. 


Over the last decade, access to the internet has become a critical part of business. Many government services are now ONLY available online. Businesses internet pricing per MB keeps dropping which allows these businesses to be more productive and efficient without spending more money. Meanwhile, the picture for rural businesses has remained almost unchanged over the last 10 years. Because of this, many rural businesses can't take advantage of the latest technology. Service such as VoIP, SaaS, Virtual Desktops, Online back and storage, Subscription services like Office 365, Quickbooks Online, Adobe Creative Cloud, ERP solutions, CRM, rapid credit card processing, and more are nearly off-limits unless you want to spend a small fortune for bonded T1 service. 



And we're making it happen. We've combined several industry-leading technologies to deliver businesses bandwidth that is just as good, or better than can be delivered in a city. Best of all, we can deliver it with amazing pricing and one of the strongest Service Level Agreements available. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call 812-901-1001 or email us at


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